Limetorrents or the limetorrents cc is an online inventory of all verified torrent links for downloading Movies, Music, TV Shows, Web Series, Games, Apps, Anime and Software. Limetorrent is one of the most famous torrent platforms, It’s a totally free portal with high security and low malware risk. Plus, Limetorrents website is free from all types of adult contents so it’s a family-friendly torrent platform for all.

Limetorrents latest version

The limetorrents cc or the limetorrent Movies section could be your best entertainment partner. It provides you with verified magnet links of Latest Limetorrents Hindi Movies 2020, Tamil Movies, Malayalam, and Telugu Movies 2020. Just click on the links, hit ‘Download’, and wait to finish. On the home page, you’ll find the monthly top 100 torrents in each category. Limetorrent download movies allow you to gain full access to the website, register yourself for free.

Limetorrents Website

Lime torrent website is the oldest torrent network and is much popular in countries like India, Japan, and the USA. earlier it was named, but the first page of the website is removed by the search engines. Therefore later is was named to, you can assume that this is Limetorrents 2 version.

Limetorrents Unblocked

Since the best Limetorrents 2020 search engine dares to challenge the piracy laws, there’re chances that the website is blocked in your country. To unblock it, simply visit Limetorrents Proxy sites. You may try with various extensions such as, .com, .cc, .cl, .io and such others. Alternatively, you may make use of the VPN.

The interface and design of Limetorrents Proxy sites make it very easy to browse contents on-the-go. All the searchable elements are put on the face of the website so that anyone can seamlessly get what he is looking for.

The title of the magnet link is self-descriptive containing details like year of release, quality, and format. You can also check the size of the file, the number of seeders or leechers, along with the health of the given torrent link. In all, Lime torrents cc dominate the torrent community for its verified and huge collection of torrent links.

How To Download Torrents from Limetorrents?

To unblock limetorrents or to download on PC you can either go to and if this not works then you can look for Limetorrents cc and Mirror-like,, limetorrents cc, lime torrentz2, etc. Once you find the working domain follow the given steps:

  1. In Limetorret look for the torrent file you want to download using the search bar.
  2. Right-click on the file and scroll it down to copy the URL. (copy link address).
  3. Now paste the link address in the already launched BitTorrent.
  4. Click OK to start the downloading process.


For a more pleasant browsing experience, it’s suggested to pay no attention to pop up ads, which are the source of income for the owners of Limetorrentz.

Now limetorrents cc  Limetorrents verified downloads are much safer as the latest one is the anonymous version that has the functionality of indexing one page only. This attribute prevents the search engines from penalizing the torrents on the website. Thankfully the strict policy of DMCA has acted well with the website, its the Law of the USA against the copyrighted materials.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is Limetorrent?

Limetorrent is the most known torrent site that allows its users to download movies and such stuff at ease. Although the features of this torrent website are not that advanced and the recent database, but it is best to download the stuff, as it is easy to access.

How do I download movies on Limetorrent?

To download the movies from limetorrent, firstly you need to download and install the BitTorrent. Now open the limetorrent website, search for the movie that you want to download, and copy the URL of that movie, and paste it on the BitTorrent, and start the downloading.

How do I download movies from utorrent to my computer?

Download the utorrent and install in the PC, now open the limetorrent website and search for the movie which you want to download, now double click on the movie, then you will get the prompt option click on allow to get prompted, and start downloading.

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