1337x website index all the Torrent files and magnet links for downloading Movies, TV Shows, Games, Music, Applications, Anime, Documentaries, including adult contents. Likewise any other Torrent directory, 1337x Torrent also serves peer-to-peer sharing using BitTorrent protocol.

1337x Torrent Site

1337x.to Official site had laid its foundation in the year 2007 and become the 3rd most popular torrent site on the internet in 2018. 1337x Search engine is fast and speedy. It allows you to download desired torrents in less than a minute. 1337x torrents files are the best as compared to others.

Unblock 1337x

Looking for ways to get your 1337x.com unblocked? We are providing the easiest way out.  Sometimes when you look for content on 1337x , then warnings or notice may appear saying that “the listings have been removed”. This happens because of the strict DMCA policies.
Your requested data may come under the restricted policies. In order to avoid such situations and access 13377x content easily switch to VPN(Virtual Private Network).  This will also work if  you want to work with go-lock even. This will improve the security , give you remote access and will cross-over all restrictions.

1337x movie

Talking about the Movies collection of 1337x Hindi Movies, there’s no movie that you can’t find here. From classic to latest hits running in the theater all the movies are hosted by 1337x. The garland of 1337x Movies 2019 has all the New movies, be it from Bollywood or Hollywood, released in this year.

1337x Hindi movie download section is loved the most by users. Besides that, there are also sub-categories to watch Indian regional Movies under sections like 1337x Telugu Movies or Punjabi Movies 2019. To get your favorite movie you can visit 1337x org movies download or other proxy and mirror sites.

1337x Proxy Sites

There’s also a wide range of other stuff available on 1337x like TV serials, Game, and Software. Since torrent websites are always on the radar of law authorities due to piracy, 1337x.info is no exception.  Though this piracy does not imply That’s why 1337x proxy sites come into the light. Some of its working proxy sites are

  • 1337x.com
  • 1337x.org
  • 1337x.io
  • 1337x.in
  • 1337x.pl
  • 1337x.eu
  • 1337x.se
  • 1337x.tx
  • 1337x.net etc.

1337x Interface

Though the Interface of  1337x Torrent Site is almost similar with the other torrent websites, but some visual or noticeable differences are:

  1. With every listing you can find the name of the uploader along with it.
  2. There is a comment box which is directly accessible from the listings of torrent files through which you can assure the validity and fitness of the content.
  3. The sidebar onto the right id filled with important information and links.
  4. You can even review the torrents that are top100 on the website
  5. when you scroll further you will find community links that can be useful for some users.
  6. User Forums are also available on 1337x so that any of your issue can get sorted.


The first and foremost concern while looking for a torrent site is the safety. And 1337x is considered the mot safe and secure website to access the torrent files from. Apart from this it has a wide categories of torrent files and is the best option for entertainment.  Therefore 1337x provides the best user experience no matter whatever is the category of torrent files.

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